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Here they are: ALL of the recipes on this website in one long list for your browsing pleasure. Each individual recipe will open in its own little window suitable for printing to take to your kitchen. If you're looking for something specific and would rather not peruse the list, try entering a key ingredient or word from the recipe name in the search box below.




ALL Of the Recipes:

** - indicates all-time favourites
( ) - the names in brackets are the people who gave me the recipes and are not necessarily the author of the recipe

Appetizers & Snacks
Barefoot Conchfeeters (conch fritters)
Cheese Chili Appetizer (Donnita's)
Humus Dip (Donnita's)
Liver Paste (Momsey's)
**Nuts 'N Bolts (Mom's)
**Olive Tapenade - the Best! (Kim's)
Phyllo Spinach Cheese Puffs
**Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings (Beth's)

Soups & Stews
Black Bean Soup (Caroline's)
Carrot & Ginger Soup
Carrot Soup
Corn and Bean Chowder
Drunken Beans (Caroline's)
Lentil & Butternut Squash Soup
**Lentil Soup (Kim's)
**Pesto Soup (Liz')

Polish Mushroom Soup (Mom's)
Strawberry Soup (Caroline's)
Vegetable Soup (Mom's)

Salads & Dressings
Anchovy Salad Dressing
Broccoli Salad (Ollie's)
**Caesar Salad
Chinese Dressing
Ichiban Cabbage Salad (Ollie's)
Committee Salad
Croutons (Brian's)
Dressing (Diana's)
Hoisin-Sesame Dressing
Luncheon Salad (Diana's)
O.J. Dressing (Diana's)
Onion-Garlic Salad Dressing (Mom's)
Onion & Garlic Salad Dressing
Ontario Spinach Salad 2
Pineapple-Carrot Salad (Mom's)
Poppy Seed Dressing (Marilyn's)
Romaine & Mandarin Salad
**Spinach & Pear Salad with Warm Vinaigrette
Spinach Salad (Janice's)
Spinach Salad Dressing
Thai Noodle Salad
Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad (Diana's)

Vegetables & Rice
Asparagus Stir-fry
Calabacitas (Donnita's)
**Fireworks Rice (Michele's)
Garlic Broccoli & Brown Rice
Green Bean Casserole (Sonya's)
Indian Saffron Rice

Infamous Red Cabbage (Momsey's)
Oregano Potatoes
Pureed Broccoli with Creme Fraiche
**Roasted Cauliflower & Sweet Potatoes
Spinach Pie
Vegetable Casserole (Jean's)

Egg Dishes
Bisquick Impossible Bacon Pie
Bisquick Impossible Brunch Pie
Bisquick Impossible Buttermilk Pie
Brunch Eggs Casserole
Cheese Wonder Puff (Cathy's)
**Christmas Morning Time Saver (Mom's)
Fish & Spinach Soufflé
Salmon Soufflé (Aunt Margaret's)
Spinach Cheese Pie (Jennie's)

Main Dishes
**Anchovy Sauce for Pasta
Baked Meat and Fruit Pilaf (Judy's)
Baked Ziti with Spinach & Tomatoes (Caroline's)
Barefoot Lobster alue ’mango’ la crème delicio’
Beef Bourguignonne
**Black Bean Chevre Quesadillas (Diana's)
Blue and Pear Salmon
**Canadian Bouillabaisse
Cataplana (Doreen's)
Cheese & Pepper Enchiladas (Caroline's)
Cheese Fondue

Chicken or Turkey Quesadillas
Chicken Souvlaki - Gyro Style

Crab & Broccoli Casserole (Mom's)
Cumin-crusted Sirloin Steak
Easy Beef Stew (Aunt Nora's)
**Easy Beef Stroganoff (Kay's)
Edmonton Journal Turkey Dinner
French Onion Pork Chops (Mom's)
Ginger Chicken Asian Noodles
Green Chili Enchiladas (Donnita's)
Herbed Roast Chicken
Kung Pao Shrimp w/Cashews
Lamb Feta Peppers
Lentil Pilaf
Lentil Ragout (Kim's)
Madras Lamb Curry (Marilyn's)
Makhani Murgh
Marinated Pork Tenderloin
Meat Pie (Mom's)
Norwegian Steak
Oriental Glazed Chicken Thighs (Mom's)
**Oven Stew with Beer (Judy's)
Pasta alla Matriciana
Risotto (Doreen's)
Roasted Pepper Panini
Spaghetti and Meatballs (Mom's)
Spaghetti and Meatsauce
Spinach and Feta Pita Bake
Stir-Fry Noodles

Surprise Chili Con Carne
Szechuan Beef & Pea Pods (Mom's)
Turkey - Mike's Way (no stuffing)

**Apple Muffins (Aunt Margaret's)
Blueberry Muffins
Bran Muffins (Spencecliff's)
Christmas Apple Muffins (Mom's)

Salt Crust Focaccia
Scones (Diana's)
Tea Biscuits (Aunt Margaret's)
Turkey Stuffing

Sauces, Preserves, Marinades, etc.
Aoli (Judy's)
Berry Jam
**Best Cranberry Sauce Ever
Best Peanut Sauce Ever
Cantaloupe Salsa
Cheese Whiz

Freezer Jam (Mom's)
Low-Fat Mayonnaise
Pesto Sauce (Sonya's)
Pork Tenderloin Marinade (Diana's)
Rhubarb Ketchup (Laura's)
Traditional Cranberries
Tuna Marinade
Tzatziki Sauce
Zucchini Relish (Aunt Ruth's)

Desserts & Sweets
Almond Cake (Momsey's)
Chocolate Dessert
**Chocolate Kisses from Mom
Chocolate Sauce
Cockeyed Cake (Judy's)
Fresh Fruit Parfait (Mom's)
Lemon Tart (Mom's)
No-Fail Pastry (Aunt Margaret's)
Refrigerator Cheesecake (Michele's)
Rice Crispy Squares
Rice Pudding
**Sweet Ricotta Pudding with Roasted Grapes
Tarte Tatin (Janice's)

Apple Tini
Barefoot Margarita
Bengal Spice Tea (Tammy's)
Cantaloupe Smoothie for One
Caribbean Breeze
Cayman Islands Mudslide
Irish Cream Liqueur (Donnita's)
Lynda's Special Coffee
Mai Tai
Pina Colada
Sangria (Donnita's)
Spicy Caesar


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ALL Of The Recipes :
Appetizers & Snacks ~ Soups & Stews ~ Salads & Dressings ~ Vegetables & Rice ~ Egg Dishes ~ Main Dishes
Breads ~ Sauces & Preserves ~ Desserts & Sweets ~ Beverages

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Kitchen Pigs ~ All the Recipes in the Kitchen Kitchen Pigs ~ All the Recipes in the Kitchen