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These are a few of our favourite things... kitchen things. Some of them even come on vacation with us. Send us an email or fax if you have a "can't-live-without" gadget or tool in your kitchen!

Here they are (whenever possible, a link to an online store is provided):


Our Favourite Kitchen Gadgets
& Tools:

** - indicates all-time favourites

**Deep Wooden Salad Bowl
Our handmade bowl, cut from a single piece of wood, is the best I've ever seen and totally irreplaceable. I bought it at a dusty little hardware store in downtown Toronto in It is tall with a large top and a small base so it's perfect for tossing and takes up little table space. It also makes a perfect popcorn bowl. If there's a fire, I'll be grabbing it first from the kitchen. In fact, it has already been rescued once - from hurricane Ivan's devastation of Grand Cayman in '04.

Pepper Mill
I love a good pepper mill that will sometimes just crack the peppercorns into soups and stews. I was told that a good pepper mill is one that has all metal grinding parts so be sure to look on the bottom.

A Great Coffee Maker
An essential in our house even though we're decaf drinkers now. We have two: a drip machine with a thermal carafe for everyday use and large groups and a stove-top espresso maker for when we want that.

Vegetable Peeler
The cheaper the better when it comes to vegetable peelers. The old-fashioned metal kind with a swivel top is cheap and you can buy them anywhere.

Good Sharp Knives
Good tools make for enjoyable cooking and you can't beat a good knife. For us, we have Henckels 7" Santoku knife that does most of the work, a bread knife, a 7" boning knife and several little, inexpensive thin-blade plastic knives that can really slice through a tomato or a bunch of herbs.

Knife Sharpener
We don't use a steel for sharpening knives anymore but use a two-stage manual sharpener so it doesn't matter who does the sharpening.

Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Apparently some chefs dislike garlic presses but I love ours for most recipes. If you leave the peel on the clove, or soak the press in water after you use it, it cleans up easily.

Salad Spinner
We've got the large Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner - it's the best one we've ever had and it's fun! It's also good for storing cleaned lettuce and the bowl is attractive enough to serve a salad in (if you don't have the perfect wooden salad bowl like I do.)

Wooden Tongs
I must have gotten frost-bite when I was a kid or something because I have very sensitive finger tips. These handy little tongs sit atop the toaster and save me from a couple of ouches every morning.

I like the Microplane grater for zesting citrus peels and grating garlic and ginger but I still prefer the box grater for cheeses.

Hot Air Popcorn Popper
We have a giant bowl (the big wooden salad bowl) of popcorn about four nights per week topped with a bit of melted butter/margarine mixed with glugs of olive oil. Mmmm. Our hot air corn popper was the first appliance I replaced after the hurricane.

Wine Bottle Stoppers
For those of us who don't want to drink the whole bottle after it's opened, this inexpensive wine storage sets come with a little hand pump that sucks the air out of the bottle thereby eliminating the oxidation process.

Blender/Food Processor
We all need a good blender for fruit shakes, margaritas and cream soups. A good blender/food processor combination covers most needs however I like our hand blender for most soups and some sauces and I still prefer our old hand mixer for whipped potatoes and whipping cream.



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Kitchen Pigs ~ All the Recipes in the Kitchen Kitchen Pigs ~ All the Recipes in the Kitchen